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Elderly Care

Safeguarding your savings

If you or a loved one have to go into a care home the financial effects can be disastrous because of the astronomical costs which can leave the family stripped of the family home and the bulk of their assets.

In your Will, you leave your share of the house if you go first, so that your partner can continue to occupy it, but it passes to your family when your partner no longer needs it.

Loss of Capacity.

Care of the Elderly.

Court of Protection/Deputyship Orders and Trusts.

Lasting Power of Attorney.

Advancing years may make it difficult for you to handle your own affairs and if you can't then no else can without a court order.

The Court may not appoint the person who you would have chosen, and might appoint a Government bureaucrat. Many comment that Courts are costly, unfriendly and slow.

With a little care and forethought by you, this is all so unnecessary because you can make a Lasting Power of Attorney. This is a deed you sign authorising persons (your attorneys), you select & trust to take on your affairs. See Powers of Attorney

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